SELLER’S ESTIMATED COSTS PROPERTY: SELLER: BUYER: SETTLEMENT DATE: PURCHASE PRICE $ date selector 1. Commission 2. Preparation of Deed 4. Seller’s Assist / Credit to Buyer 3. Transfer Tax 6. Municipal Certification’s 5. Home Warranty 7 Certificate of Resale (Condo/Homeowner’s Association) 8 Settlement Fee 9. Notary Fee 10. Survey 11. On-lot Sewage System Pumping 12 Property Repairs 13. Tax Certifications 14. Overnight / Express Mail Charges 15. Domestic Lien Search 16. Realtor Administration Fee 17. Other Adjustments (+/-) (e.g., real estate taxes, association fees, utilities) TOTAL ESTIMATED COSTS/ADJUSTMENTS – ESTIMATED PROCEEDS (before loan payoffs) Seller’s Estimate of Mortgages, Equity, and Other Loan Balances (including prepayment penalties), liens, assessments, etc. ESTIMATED NET PROCEEDS TO SELLER The estimated proceeds do not take into account any other undisclosed mortgage obligations, liens, assessments, judgments or other obligations levied against the Property or Seller. Seller understands that the estimated costs stated above are based on the best information available at signing and may be higher or lower at settlement. Seller understands and has received a copy of these estimated closing costs before signing the Agreement of Sale. SELLER _______________________________________________ DATE _____________ SELLER _______________________________________________ DATE _____________ SELLER _______________________________________________ DATE _____________ BROKER (Company Name)__________________________________________________ PROVIDED BY (Licensee)________________________________ DATE _____________ – –