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NOTICE OF DISCLAIMER: The results of this application are intended for AJM Mortgage’s specific intended users to gather cursory, preliminary data and to receive approximate values and information and a general concept of the fees associated with obtaining an actual Loan Estimate and real estate mortgage loan. It is not intended as a substitute for an actual Loan Estimate provided by a mortgage consultant, such as can be obtained directly from a mortgage consultant at AJM Mortgage, Inc. By using this application in any way and obtaining any results from it, the user agrees to release AJM Mortgage, Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliates from any and all liability that may result from its use. If you would like to obtain an actual Loan Estimate from a qualified Mortgage Consultant at AJM Mortgage, Inc., please contact us at: or call (412) 257-6005.

This application is provided by AJM MORTGAGE, Inc., a mortgage brokerage, and no lender has been obtained. These estimates are provided pursuant to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974, as amended (RESPA). Additional information can be found in the HUD Special Information Booklet, which is to be provided to you by your mortage broker or lender, if your application is to purchase residential property and the lender will take a first lien on the property.

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